Senior Code of Conduct

Senior Code of Conduct

  1. Learn the rules of hockey and play by them. 

  2. Always act responsibly and avoid injury to yourself and others. 

  3. Never argue with/disrespect/threaten or make physical contact with an umpire or an official. If you have a problem, discuss it with your coach or manager and allow them to take the necessary action. 

  4. Control your temper. Verbal abuse of, or deliberate physical interference and aggression towards opponents will not be tolerated. 

  5. Respect the time and effort put in by your coaches, fellow players and other Club and Association officials. They deserve your support and full commitment. 

  6. Accept that when more than eleven players are named for your match, you may be required to spend time off the field as a substitute. When not on the field encourage your team and be prepared to play at all times. 

  7. Respect the equipment provided for your use. Hockey equipment is very expensive and should be used responsibly. 

  8. 100% attendance is required at both training and games. It is your responsibility to inform your coach or manager if you are not available for either. 

  9. It is expected that you will always be on time for training. You are also required to be at the game at least 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time to allow time to prepare for the game. 

  10. Wearing of correct uniform at all times is essential. According to the rules of the game you may not be permitted to take the field if incorrectly attired. 

  11. It is your responsibility to find out when and where you are playing each week and whether you have umpiring duties. If necessary, contact your respective Team Captain. 

  12. It is your responsibility to undertake your umpiring duties when rostered. Failure to do so will result in a fine and possible disciplinary action. Rules books and assistance will be available on request. 

  13. As a member of the Club you are required to fully participate in all fundraising activities. 

  14. You are encouraged to support your Club by watching other teams before and after your game and returning whenever possible to the clubrooms after Saturday matches. 

  15. When representing your Club you must do so in such a way as not to bring the Club into disrepute. This includes your behaviour at any Club or Association function, Carnival or Country trip, particularly when exposed to public scrutiny. 

  16. Any problems regarding selections or playing should be referred in the first instance to your Team Captain and then the respective Coaching Committee (Men’s and Women’s). Any other problems should be discussed with the Club President. 


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