Junior Code of Conduct

Junior Code of Conduct

  1. I will learn the rules of hockey and play by them 

  2. I will always act responsibly and avoid injury to myself and others 

  3. I will NEVER argue with an umpire 

  4. I will be a good sport and will not lose my temper or show physical aggression 

  5. I will respect my coaches and organisers and the time and effort they give I will always encourage all other members of the team 

  6. I will applaud all good plays whether they are made by my team or the opposition 

  7. I will be a team player 

  8. I will accept the fact that at certain times I must be a substitute 

  9. I will respect all playing equipment 

  10. I will regularly attend training 

  11. I will be on time for training and games 

  12. I will wear our complete uniform with pride 

  13. I will try to watch higher grades to learn more 


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