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  • Hockey commenced in Western Australia with 3 teams.


  • Bassendean Hockey Club founded by Mr Stan Goodwin, at a meeting in the Bassendean Tennis Club on the evening of March 17. The founding members were – Mr Stan Goodwin, Mr Vic Read, Mr Noel Sturgeon, Mr Bob Becker, Mr Ross Dunstan.

  • Colours – Black & Khaki shirt, Black shorts, Black & Khaki hooped socks.

  • Grounds – Kings Meadows in Guildford & B.I.C. in Bassendean.


  • Home ground B.I.C. – only at Kings Meadows for one season.


  • W.A.H.A. Bulletin commenced – First edition issued May 23.

  • Bassendean played Northam at Northam on June 21 and at Bassendean on September 6.


  • Moved into Clubrooms at the B.I.C. ground.

  • Bassendean played Pearce on May 9, Muresk on June 13 & York on Sept 5.

  • Bassendean won Great Southern Carnival – Open Division V York – Won 2-1


  • Co-hosted the Victorian Colts team.

  • Bassendean play Narrogin at Narrogin on June 11 & Fairbridge on May 6.

  • State V Rest game played at the B.I.C. on June 19.


  • Bassendean’s first season in A1 Grade.

  • Bassendean’s first ever State representative – Errol Kirk, selected in the State Colts.

  • The “Bassendean Bully” first issued on June 9.

  • Bassendean played in the Pithara Carnival on July 21-22.

  • Bassendean played York on May 6, Juniors 1-1, “B” Grade 0-1, “A” Grade 2-2.

  • Extract from Hockey Bulletin – 5ᵗʰ May – Hockey Dance – A dance will be held by Bassendean Men’s in conjunction with the Bassendean Women’s Hockey Club on May 18 at Macdonald Stand, Bassendean Oval.  All welcome – Admission 2/11d.


  • Bassendean played York at York – Won the G H Thomas Cup.


  • Bassendean played York at York on May 4.


  • Bassendean played in the Pithara Carnival.

  • Fremantle Carnival – D Grade Final – Mosman Park defeated Bassendean 2-0.


  • Glenn Gray won Merredin Carnival Fairest & Best trophy in A Grade.

  • Glenn Gray won Old Aquinians inaugural Indoor Hockey B Grade Fairest & Best.


  • Hotspurs formed.


  • Extract from Annual General Meeting February 15 -.“Mr R Wearmouth reported that negotiations have fallen through re formation of a Bayswater Club”.


  • Won Bunbury Carnival – D2 Division.

  • Gained the use of the Old Bowling Club Pavilion on the B.I.C. as a Clubroom.


  • W.A.H.A. introduced the awarding of a pennant (Guth Ardagh) to the team on the top of the premiership table at the end of the qualifying round.


  • New ground established at Morley Park.


  • Moved Mr R Bindemann seconded Mr G Brown that the Club socks be changed to black. Sub-Committee of Mr S Taylor, Mr L Smith, Mr S Goodwin & Mr R Prince-Wright was appointed to draw up a revised Club Constitution.

  • Name changed to Bassendean Morley Mens Hockey Club.

  • Top side (A3) played 3 First Semi Finals V Perth.


  • One extra ground allocated at Morley Park.

  • Juniors shirt colours to change to Black & Khaki.

  • Won YMCA Junior Carnival – Under 12 Plate.


  • Won YMCA Junior Carnival – Under 16

  • Won YMCA Junior Carnival – Under 12.


  • Won Bunbury Carnival – G Grade.


  • Penalty stroke tiebreaker rule introduced.

  • Two substitute (but no interchange) rule introduced.

  • Lost 0-4 to Cricketers in the A Grade final of the Perth six-a-side carnival.

  • Colours – Red, Yellow & Black shirt, White shorts, Black socks.

  • Won Bunbury Carnival.


  • Tiebreaker rule waived for Under 11’s & Under 13’s Finals and Challenge Cups.

  • Won Bunbury Carnival B Reserve Grade.

  • From 1974 Junior Grades have been changed to the following age groups :-

  • Under 17, Under 15, Under 13 and Under 11.

  • The qualifying date for all junior grades is now January 1 instead of April 1.


  • First year at Hillcrest.

  • Last year at B.I.C.

  • New Club Constitution adopted on August 31.

  • Returned to A1 Grade for the first time since 1958.

  • 1A colours – Red V neck T shirt with gold trim on collar & sleeves, white shorts, black socks.


  • Kyle Rutter trophy for best “Junior” Club inaugurated.

  • Olympians Medal for 1ˢᵗ Division Fairest & Best player inaugurated.

  • Lights installed at Hillcrest.

  • Three year debenture issue called for Club Members.

  • Rule changes – Penalty strokes, now taken 7 yards from the goal line, not 8. Long corners, hit out may now be taken on the line within 5 yards of the corner of the field, not 3 yards as previously.

  • Won A Grade six-a-side Carnival V Applecross YMCA 3-0.

  • New ground allocated at Jubilee Oval Bassendean.


  • Veterans competition inaugurated.

  • First National Indoor Hockey Championship.

  • Relegation & promotion between 1A and 1B grades was brought into line with other grades (i.e. 2 up, 2 down) with the proviso that a team has had two seasons in that grade.

  • Won Bunbury Carnival – A Reserve Grade.

  • Won Narrogin Junior Carnival – Under 17 Grade.

  • Won Perth Hockey Club six-a-side Carnival.


  • Moved into new Clubrooms at Hillcrest Oval.

  • R & I Champion Club Cup inaugurated.

  • Last year at Morley and Jubilee grounds.


  • Hosted Victorian State Schoolboys.

  • Commonwealth Hockey Stadium opened.

  • Association medal for 1B Grade Fairest & Best introduced.

  • Two new grounds allocated at Elstead Reserve.

  • Interchangeable reserves rule introduced..


  • Contributed $512.00 to the Commonwealth Hockey Stadium appeal.

  • Won the Old Wesley Veterans Carnival.

  • Won Bunbury Carnival – D Grade.

  • Won the R-Send Shield – versus Geraldton at Geraldton.

  • Colours changed to – Red with gold trim on the neck and sleeves shirt, gold shorts, black socks.

  • Stephen Cavey Memorial Trophy – Best Junior Clubman – inaugurated.

  • Tie-break rule introduced for all Challenge Cup, Semi-final, preliminary-final and grand-final fixtures.


  • Name changed to Bayswater Morley Mens Hockey Club.

  • Inauguration of the Under 21 Competition, Bayswater in Pool C with WAIT Won 2-0, Vic Park

  • Won 2-0, Old Modernians Lost 1-5, Eastern Goldfields.

  • Last year at Elstead Reserve.


  • Minkey launched at W.A.H.A.

  • Hosted the Northern Territory State Under 14’s.

  • Won the Kyle Rutter Trophy.

  • Ron Glew won the W.A.H.A. 1B Grade “Best Clubman Award”.


  • Won Merredin Carnival – A Grade

  • Won Bunbury Carnival – B Reserve Grade.


  • Australian Institute of Sport Hockey Unit set up in Perth.

  • Graham Reid and Ian Pavitt – A.I.S. members drafted by Bayswater Morley.

  • Return to 1ˢᵗ Division – first time since 1975.

  • Commencement of Minkey by Bayswater Morley with 6 teams.

  • Hosted Queensland State Under 16’s.

  • First year for Bayswater Morley in Veterans Grade.

  • Won Merredin Carnival – Open Grade

  • Won Bunbury Carnival – C Reserve Grade.


  • Inauguration of L R Connell Trophy. (Top 1ˢᵗ Division team at the end of the qualifying rounds).

  • Club lapel and cloth badges introduced.

  • Won University Pre-season Carnival – A Grade.

  • Won Bunbury Carnival – C Reserve Grade.

  • Won Under 17 Grade – Avon Valley Junior Boys Hockey Association Carnival.


  • W.A.H.A. discontinue the policy of player’s insurance.


  • Mark Zadkovich Memorial Trophy – Best Senior Club Member – inaugurated.


  • Bayswater Morley juniors combined with Harlequin Dianella juniors under the name of Harley Bay United.


  • Juniors reverted back to Bayswater Morley.


  • New style black shirts introduced for 1C team.

  • Negotiations commenced for new sports complex at Altone Park, Beechboro.


  • New style black shirts introduced for whole of Club.


  • Name changed to Eastern Blades Hockey Club

  • Inaugural year for the first ever women’s team associated with the club.


  • First year at Altone Park.


  • New style (hockey stick logo) shirts introduced.


  • New style white shirts introduced.


  • Celebrate our 50th Anniversary


  • New style – Yellow shirt with black markings and collar – shirts introduced.

  • Ceri Writer appointed President of W. A. Womens Hockey Association.


  • Ceri Writer elected as inaugural President of Hockey W. A.

  • Wendy Farmer became the first lady from Blades to be selected in a State Team – Women’s Over 40’s.


  • First year for Women’s Veterans team – Over 40 Div 2.


  • Playing fields at Altone Park named Roger Macliver Field.

  • Men’s 2B Won the Grand Final


  • Awarded the Byrne and Judge Trophy for the club with the highest winning percentage

  • Men Prov 4 Black won Minor Premiership and Grand Final

  • Women's Prov 4 Gold won Grand Final


  • J 5/6 Premiers

  • O40’s Div 3 – Minor Premiers

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